The CarSpots.ca team is the best I've ever worked with.  Great idea's that deliver a punch! 

Ross Blankley
General Manager
Watkin Motors Ford



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If you’re bucking the trend right now and your local dealership radio spending isn’t down…good for you!  Unfortunately, this probably isn’t the case and like most other media across North America, local automotive revenue is down…sometimes 40% or more!  CarSpots.ca was in the works long before this economic “downturn” happened.  But as my father always said, “a plan is a living thing” and like you, we also have to learn how to adjust.  I believe that as unfortunate as the economy presently is…it has created a strong opportunity for our company to become an important tool in your sales tool box. 

CarSpots.ca is a team of multiple award winning creative writers, professional voice talents and producers specifically focused on automotive advertising.  We bring agency quality creative to local and regional clients, marketing companies and account executives across North America.  In the past three and a half years, we have created hundreds of successful radio spots and campaigns for clients in small, medium and major markets.  Our high quality production has found a niche’ market… since we work with freelance talents our overhead is minimal, making CarSpots.ca extremely competitive. We’re able to keep costs low and creativity high.  It works well, especially in today’s market where ad quality and effectiveness is as important as ever and cost is more of a factor than ever before! 

Our business plan was created to work “with radio,” not against it!  We work with radio sales reps and their clients every day.  It’s a big part of our business…and when we work together everybody wins.  At the end of the day, radio station resources are simply too limited to give your automotive clients a totally unique sound over their competitors.  And these days, you know that your dealership clients need to be unique…  Most radio station creative departments are volume based, where as CarSpots.ca is 100% creative based.  We strive to give your clients a totally unique sound within your marketplace.  In fact, once we build a relationship with a dealership, we offer them exclusivity in their market because quite frankly we want to see them succeed!  We love that success and want to come along for the ride!  You’re in control of your clients…you have their ear!  Maybe it’s time to dig into the toolbox and whip out your hammer!  Let us bring some new ideas and a totally new sound to the table and watch the results! 

Feel free to drop us a line, or call the studio at 250-275-4778 anytime to discuss your client's needs.  We look forward to working with you.

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What do Account Executives have to say?

"As a sales representative for a radio station, I have the opportunity to work with a number of marketing and production companies.  I would recommend CarSpots.ca to anyone in the automotive industry.  Not only does their team understand the automotive industry, they understand effective radio advertising.  They are organized, pro-active and customer oriented. They have always done a great job for their clients during the two years that I have worked with them.  Give them a try, you won’t be sorry!"
Lisa Lauzon
Account Executive

"KISS FM radio has had the pleasure of working with CarSpots.ca, for the past 2+ years. Over this time they have assisted with a numbers of clients looking for a creative production including Imaging & Branding. They have always treated our clients with respect and professionalism. This has in no way jeopardized our station relationship with our clients, it's quite the opposite, it enhances our relationship as we are able to bring new ways for our clients to market to our loyal KISS FM listeners. The out of market voice talent that Audiology has available is another way they bring benefits to KISS FM clients. This has been a great relationship and I look forward to continue to work with Audiology & CarSpots.ca."
Gord Wiens
General Sales Manager

"I LOVE working with CarSpots.ca. Their team is extremely organized, professional and pleasant. They make my job so much easier and the quality of ads they produce enhance the quality of the sound of our radio station."
Katie O’Connor
Sales Supervisor

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