I wanted to let you know how much we loved the radio spot you did for Kentwood and Team Ford.  This was a huge change from a traditional Ford truck ad for us, and you nailed it!  The youthful, fresh message you produced, both in script and in the voicing and music was superb!  We have had a ton of comments from people, both internally and customers who all agree it was a homerun!  Thanks for that.

Olivia Pilip
Director of Marketing, Go Auto



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5-Star Automotive Line Up

Automotive Advertising Voices - How fast do you want to go?

After years of working with hundreds of different voice talents…CarSpots.ca is proud to present our 5-Star Automotive Line Up.  When it comes to automotive advertising, these 5 voices represent the best of the best in the automotive industry!  They have massive range and the ability to bring something truly unique to your business within your marketplace. 


When you imagine a killer automotive ad…that voice you hear in your head is probably Jim!  He's growly, intense, and larger than life.


Chad has an amazing balance of intensity and youth.  He can be the really cool guy next door or the really cool guy next door you don't mess with.  If you want speed, excitement and a fresh new sound, Chad is your guy!


David's voice drips with adrenaline on some of the most intense Motor Sports commercials ever produced... His spine tingling dramatic reads that rival the best movie trailers... and his straight up hard sell is full of in your face aggression.


A non traditional automotive advertising voice… Matt represents the new sound wave taking over North America.  His young, fresh sound coupled with an amazing ability to bring any script to life makes Matt one of the best voices in the world! 


You’ve probably never heard Tommy before…and that will work to your advantage!  Tommy does it all!  He’s a mix of the young, fresh sound that is the hottest thing in Automotive Advertising today and the classic “balls of steel” voice that has always dominated the radio!  He has the unique ability to bring copy to life with amazingly fast wit and a sense of humor like no other.  If it’s something “different” you’re looking for…look no further.  Tommy is truly one of the most talented people we have ever worked with!


1, 2, 3, 4, 5... Yes, we can count.  We snuck a 6th voice into the lineup because, well, we had to...  We'd be doing ourselves a disservice if we didn't include some sexy female voiceover.  Erin is one of the most popular dealership voices in the country.  And she came to play.  She's a great complimentary voice to any male voiceover and strong enough to carry any ad with a totally unique sound. 

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