I LOVE working with CarSpots.ca. Their team is extremely organized, professional and pleasant. They make my job so much easier and the quality of ads they produce enhance the quality of the sound of our radio station.

Katie O’Connor
Sales Supervisor



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Frequently Asked Questions
1.    I'm a very important person and don't like to be kept waiting...  How long is this gonna take?

CarSpots.ca guarantees you'll have your fully produced ad 48-hours from script approval. 

          What if that's not fast enough?

      If you've got a project that needs to be done yesterday, we can hook you up.  It is possible to turnaround an ad in
      a day...  We're like commercial Boy Scouts... always prepared!

2.    In my former life, I was a creative guru... If I provide you with a script can you produce it? 

CarSpots.ca will work our magic on anything.  Send us your script.  We'll time it, just to make sure it's not too long or too short and get it produced!

3.   Where do these "spots" come from?

Well, you see, when a creative writer and an idea fall in love, they spend time together... they take walks on the beach, they kiss and hug and do "big people things" together. 

Not really...  CarSpots.ca employ’s three award winning creative writers.  Normally, clients email us a PDF version of their newspaper ad or just answer a few key questions from one of our writers.  Our team then works up a script and sends it to you via email within 48-hours.  We will revise the script until your satisfied, then it moves into production.  Any changes made after you've approved a script are subject to an additional fee.  Click Here for full details.

4.    How does my ad make it to air? 

CarSpots.ca will supply you with an .mp3 copy of your commercial(s) via email, or we can post the audio for download from our secure FTP.

5.   I'm looking for a specific sound...  Tough, like Chuck Norris in Forced Vengeance.  Is the 5-Star Automotive Line Up my only option for a voice?  'Cause they're not tough enough.

Not at all... CarSpots.ca has access to an extensive voice bank of female and male voice over professionals, including hundreds of character voices.  We choose to promote our 5-Stars as they best fit the automotive sound and our clients have had the greatest success with them.  Plus, we think they rock.

ps.  Did we forget to mention that Tommy is actually the back-alley bare knuckle boxing champ?  He's tough.  We don't mess with him.

6.    Why would I pay for a radio ad if the local station will produce it for free?

We love this question!  The fact of the matter is, we have a ton of friends in radio and work with sales reps every day who bring their clients commercial campaigns to us.  It’s a big part of our business and when we work together everybody wins.  But at the end of the day, radio station resources are simply too limited to give you a totally unique sound over your competitors.  Radio station creative departments are volume based, where as we’re 100% creative based and strive to give you a totally unique sound within your marketplace.  Once we build a relationship with a dealership, we offer exclusivity to that dealership in their market because quite frankly we want to see you succeed!  We love your success and want to come along for the ride!  A wise man once said, “great creative isn’t cheap, and cheap creative isn’t great.”  Enough said…  

7.    Ok, I'm sold, but I have a tight budget... Can we strike a deal?

Give us a call!  If we're in a good mood, who knows!  There are some sneaky ways you can go about getting a deal.

You could:
     Ask politely
     Present us with a super cool project that we just can't resist
     Give us tons of time and be flexible with your deadline
     Commit to multiple projects
     Blackmail is always a good option...

8.  Why should I hire CarSpots.ca?

Simply put, you wouldn't hire a vet to take out your appendix... and you wouldn't hire a plumber to fix your car.  We're great at what we do.  If you see the value in creating great radio advertising, with a powerful message then we'll get along just fine.  If you think that radio is easy, if you don't think that audio matters then we'll probably have a problem...

9.    What are my payment options? 

We accept:
     VISA, MasterCard, American Express or online money transfers via Paypal as payment.

We do not accept:

     Firstborn children, pence, arms, legs or Theo Fleury hockey cards as payment.

Terms are payable upon delivery.  2% interest will be charged on all overdue accounts.
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