I just wanted to let you and your staff know that the commercials you are producing for us are amazing!!!  Since we are a new dealership we wanted to have fresh and innovative commercials, and you definitely gave us that!
My local radio executives were blown away by the commercials and had their other clients asking them who did our spots!!!  (I did not want to give out my secret but in the end I did!)  It is a pleasure working with you guys, and please keep sending me those amazing spots!

Tim Nadeau
General Manager
Medicine Hat Hyundai



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The Automotive Industry moves quickly...  How do we get your message on the air fast? 

1.  Give us a call at (250) 275-4778 or fire us an email.

2.  One of the ΓΌber-talented writers in our creative department will contact you to discuss your project and your goals.  Based on that information, we'll design a script and send it to you for review within 48 hours.

3.  We will revise the script until you are 100% happy. 

4.  Once the script is approved the magic happens.  Our voice talent go through vigorous vocal warm ups, run a lap around the block, crack the mic and deliver an Oscar worthy performance and then the production team goes to work. CarSpots.ca guarantees fully produced ads within 48 hours from script approval.

5.  CarSpots.ca will supply you with a snazzy .mp3 copy of your commercial(s) via email, or we can post the audio for download from our secure FTP site.

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